Hello there.

Firstly, I am a wife and a mum … a mum who has seen, first-hand, the benefits of CBD & Hemp products.

Secondly, I am a highly experienced businesswoman with over 20 years at the cutting edge of the global electronics industry. Working for fortune 500 companies and traveling the world taught me a lot about commerce, but my key takeaways from that time, relate more to the behaviour of people, varying cultures, and values.  Some wonderful experiences mixed with some episodes that would turn milk sour.  I saw the trappings success brings and rubbed shoulders with many colleagues who were living to work rather than working to live.  And then one day, I woke up.

Like me, you may have found Thrive because you are curious.  Perhaps you’ve seen a lot about CBD on the news, or perhaps, like me, a professional person discussed it.  After over 20 years of sleep deprivation and being the guinea pig for many academic studies, CBD was the subject of a very informal conversation, but it made me curious.  I’m now sleeping for seven-plus hours per night and. more incredibly, if I wake, I can drift back into a sound sleep.  Is this the result of CBD, do I even take CBD?  I’ll leave that answer to your imagination.

But, what I can say with certainty, a good night’s sleep is the best medicine in the world.  As a result, I now thrive:

  • I can think clearly
  • My productivity and standard of work has improved (although it was pretty perfect anyway)
  • I’m healthier, as I have the energy once again to exercise

The most important improvement, however, is that I am by far a nicer person.  My sense of humour has returned, I’m fun to be with again, my relationship with my husband is as strong as ever, and I have all the patience in the world for my son, who I appreciate and want to spend every waking minute with.  I also have a pup who I chase around the house to stop her biting her way through my skirting boards, but as I now sleep, I have the serenity to do this with a smile.

So, the result, I have left behind a highly successful career in the irresponsible corporate world of Sales & Marketing to form my own unique, highly personal, highly ethical, highly responsible enterprise.  My intention is to share my enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge of this new and innovative potential for our health and well-being … CBD products … an answer to one of the most crucial and most important set of questions on health and healing that we all face nowadays.

Can I give you my help and provide you with a trustworthy source for your health needs through the concept of Thrive and its services?

I believe I can.

Yours truly,

Gayle x