Tea Infuser (Stainless Steel)


Approximate size 14cm x 4cm / 5.51cm
Stainless steel,  easy to use and clean.

You all love our flavoured 3% loose leaf CBD tea. But, you have told us that post-purchase you had to pop to the shops to buy yourself a tea infuser or in some cases, you were either cutting the toe section of your stockings, or your partner was!

We couldn’t have this, especially as we know how expensive those stockings can be!  So, we have introduced our new loose leaf tea strainer for your convenience and to avoid any further stocking arguments.

Place our Thrive loose leaf CBD Tea into this tea infuser and place into your cup of boiling water for three to four minutes for the fully infused flavour.

You can keep your loose leaf tea within your infuser until it dries out and then you can use again in the same way.  One heaped teaspoon of Thrive loose leaf 3% CBD tea can be used up to two/three times, depending on how strong a flavour you wish to achieve.

Whilst we have introduced this product for your convenience, it doesn’t need to only be used for our CBD loose leaf tea but, can be filled with coffee beans and soup seasoning.

Coupled with our 3% loose leaf CBD tea, this could make an ideal gift package for someone who wants to start their day, the CBD way.

Remember our tea is delicious cold too and some of our clever customers have been making refreshing ice pops and/or fruity jelly for younger family and friends.

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